After the Vatican hackathon, what does Catholic entrepreneurship look like?

The Vatican just held a hackathon. Take a moment to recover from the shock, as veteran Holy See reporter John L. Allen Jr. had to, and take comfort in the fact that nowadays hackathons are a fairly frequent occurrence in business and higher education. They rarely have to do with acts of criminal trespass. Instead, imagine a large number of talented people crammed into a space, plied with food and caffeine for several sleepless days and nights, self-organizing prototypes that share a certain technology or theme. At the end, there are prizes.

Such was VHacks, as the event last week was called. A student at Harvard Business School, Jakub Florkiewicz, instigated it. About 120 students from around the world participated, representing multiple faiths and none, with sponsorship from companies like Google and Microsoft. Read the report in Wired; you’ll encounter most of the usual hackathon tropes.